Event venues

Selection of sustainable suppliers
  • Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth has put in a place a structured sustainable development program. In addition to a full recycling program and energy efficiency measures, the hotel is notably renowned for its organic gardens and beekeeping activities on the roof.
  • The Locoshop Angus, the venue for the cocktail dinner received the title of first ecological industrial building in Canada.
  • The Centre for Sustainable Development, the venue where took place the Farm to Cafeteria Canada general assembly is a sustainable building the first in Québec to have received the LEED® PLATINUM New Building certification. The features included : a green wall, green roof and a rainwater recovery system.


Healthy meals served during the conference were prepared mostly with with local, organic or fair trade products
  • Nearly 50% of the meals that we served during the conference at Fairmont the Queen Elizabeth were vegetarian and nearly half of the food was local. Coffee and tea were fair trade certified.
  • The lunch boxes that were distributed during the field trips were vegetarian, made from local foods and compostable tableware was used.
  • The apples that were served as snacks during the field trips were from a the orchard at the Abbaye of Oka located less than 60 km from Montreal.
  • The hors d’oeuvres that were served at cocktail dinner were vegetarian. The vast majority of ingredients were organic and local and were grown specifically for the evening by one of Equiterre’s Family Farmers.
  • The squash that was used to decorate were harvested at a local farm by the Changing the Menu team.


Recycling, composting and responsible consumption
  • Almost all of the waste that was generated by the event was composted or recycled.
  • Conference bags were not distributed and only selected sustainable promotional items were made available to conference participants.
  • All conference documents were provided in electronic versions or printed on 100% recycled paper.
  • A prize draw was planned for participants who return their conference badge.


Reducing carbon emissions to the maximum
  • Public transportation was used to get to the venues and it was strongly promoted to be used by conference participant’s for all their trips.
  • Some supplies were delivered through active and collective transportation.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions that resulted form participants’ travel were compensated.